Tokai Co., Ltd. Leaders of optronics with cutting edge thin film technology


Representative Director’s Address

Tokai Co., Ltd., is a company that provides additional value.

Tokai is committed to vacuum thin film processing as a professional in the field since its foundation. Having developed at sharply increasing speeds in recent years, this advanced information society is applied in different forms and is used throughout our lives, for example smartphones, resulting in significant changes in the lifestyles of people.


The technology that supports this information society is optoelectronics, which is known as the key technology of the 21st century, along with the thin film technology that we provide.

With top-class technological capabilities and forty years of achievement and experience, Tokai delivers high precision, high value-added products. In addition, we deem quality assurance that is a step ahead as the best way to respond to customer requests; consequently, we have established a management system to control everything from development to prototyping and mass production.


Tokai expands the range of business on the basis of these comprehensive capabilities and pursues the achievement of new possibilities in optical thin films to create products that further satisfy customers.


Our goal is to be a company that shares information throughout Japan and the world. We appreciate your continuous support and advice. 


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