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Quality and environmental policy

Quality policy

With productivity, growth potential, soundness and profitability as our management principles, we aim to increase our technological abilities, strict observance of delivery dates and efficiency percentage along with quality assurance that is taken one step further, while keeping customer satisfaction our first priority.

Enacted : June, 1st, 2004
Revised : April, 22nd, 2013

Environmental policy

We see the conservation and preservation of the Earth’s environment as a primary issue in our corporate activities, and we seek to actively and continuously work to make improvements in resource saving, energy conservation, recycling etc. while con-tributing to the coexistence with natural environments and environment-friendly social systems.

  1. We will work to make continuous improvements in the environmental aspects of our activities, our products and services related to the vacuum deposition to glass and plastic. Also, we will work to adequately manage the chemicals in our products and to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. We will abide by the laws, regulations and ordinances that concern environmental preservation pollution.
  3. We will set proper environmental goals and objectives, revise them on a regular basis, and work to make improvements on them so that a sound environment can be carried on by the next generation and be the basis of the realization of a sustainable development of our society.
  4. We will promote efficient business through resource saving, energy conservation, reduction of defects and will work to preserve  the environment through the effective use of all resources.
  5. We will document environmental policies, implement and maintain them, have all our employees be familiar with them, as well as work to increase and improve consciousness towards the environment.
  6. We will announce the environmental policies all throughout the company and release information on the progress as needed.

Enacted : October, 1st, 2002
Revised : April, 22nd, 2013
Masaki Tokairin, Tokai Co., Ltd. Representative Director

 ISO9001/14001 Certificate acquisition (Head plant)

 ISO9001/14001 Certificate acquisition (Head plant)

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