Tokai Co., Ltd. Leaders of optronics with cutting edge thin film technology


Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Tokai Co.,Ltd.
Date of Establishment April 1976
Business Contents

1.Optical instruments/vacuum thin film deposition processing
2.Manufacturing and distribution of electronic optical instruments and accessories
3.Importing and exporting of articles mentioned in the above items
4.All business incidental to the above items

Head Plant 3-6-3,Bandai,Tendo-city,Yamagata 994-0001, Japan
Saitama Office 1-16,2chome Higashibenzai Asaka-city, Saitama 351-0022, Japan
Capital  50,000,000 yen
Settlement Date End of April
Representative Director 

Masaki Tokairin


Kirayaka Bank : Omiya Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation : Niizashiki Branch
The Sugamo Shinkin Bank : Asakadai Branch
Kirayaka Bank : Tendo Branch
The Musashino Bank : Asaka Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ : Niizashiki Branch


Apr-76  Founded with vacuum deposition processing of optical lenses as the main business at 2-12-7, Nobidome, Niiza-shi, Saitama-ken
Oct-76 Makes structural changes to become Tokai Optical Laboratory, Inc. with 3,000,000 yen as capital

Transfers to 3-6-24, Nobidome,Niiza-shi, Saitama-ken, to expand plant space

Dec-91     Establishes a new plant for conducting technical resarch and development in Tendoe City of Ymagata Prefecture because of diversifications in products and makes structural canges to be a company limited by shares with the present corporate name (capital : 10,000,000 yen)
Apr-93 The head office is organized for general affairs / sales / accounting, and the plant at the head office is integrated eith the Yamagata Plant
Sep-95 Capital is increased (new capital : 20,000,000 yen)
Apr-98 Capital is increased (new capital : 30,000,000 yen)

Capital is increased (new capital : 40,000,000 yen)


Concludes sales contract for Tendo City Northern Industrial Complex (629-34,Bandai, Tendo-shi) with Tendo City

Mar-01 Saitama Headquarters is changed to the Saitama Office. Registration for the head office is changed to 3-6-3, Bandai, Tendo-shi, Yamagata-ken
Apr- 01 Capital is increased (new capital : 50,000,000 yen)
Jun-01 Recognized as subject to the Law on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises, which was enforced in July 1999 so that small and medium sized enterprises that take on advanced business challenges such as new technology and product development can be supported.
Jul-01 Establishes a new plant in the Tendo City Northerm Industrial Complex.Operations are conducted there asa the head office at 3-6-3, Bandai, Tendo-shi, Yamagata-ken
Oct-01  Awarded the 6th Japan Venture Award funded by Yamagata Shiawase Bank, which awards individuals and companies that devote themselves to new technology, product development, etc.
Nov-02 Sees the conservation and preservation of the earth's environment as a primary issue incorporate activities, actively works to make improvements on issues such as resource saving, energy conservation, and recycling, and begins working on obtaining ISO14001 certification so that a sound environment can be carried on into the next generation.
Aug-03  Obtains ISO14001 certification.
Sep-03 Receives environmental quality approval as a green partner from Sony Corporation
Dec-04 Obtains ISO9001 certification
Jan-05 Transfers the Saitama Office from 3-16-24,Nobidome,Niiza-shi,Saitama-ken to 2-1-16,Higashi Bebzai, Asaka-shi, Saitama-ken
Feb-07  Receives "Certificate of Compliance" under Green Procurement Standards from Canon Inc.
Mar-07    All facilities at the Yamagata Head Plant are turned to clean rooms
Aug-07  Issues 100,000,000 yen as a private placement (guaranteed by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Unsecured Bonds of Qualified Institutional Investors)
Oct-11  Second factory headquarters was established

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